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Exploring whether Feed the Future focus countries which have more fully embraced the SUN strategy have also witnessed greater nutritional progress, or how commitment levels, both in policy and practice, and discernible gains co-vary

NW work with Scaling-up Nutrition (SUN)

NutritionWorks is an international public nutrition resource group comprised of a diverse mix of highly experienced international public nutritionists. Originally formed in 1999, NutritionWorks is now a team of four partners with a strong network of supporting associates.

Our vision is of a world in which communities vulnerable to malnutrition are supported effectively and appropriately by governments and organisations with a strong commitment to continuous improvement through learning and evidence.

Our added value

  • We strive to ensure continuity and coherence in all our work and foster long-term engagement with governments, agencies and other institutions beyond the period of our initial commission.
  • We engage in collaborative lesson learning and public dissemination of findings from our work.
  • We use our own resources to fund public dissemination and advocacy of findings that we believe will help reduce the global burden of malnutrition.

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