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Current Projects


Read commentary on Paper 3 examining the need for improved  links with nutrition-sensitive programming by Jacky Knowles and Jeremy Shoham

Read Commentary on Paper 4 examining the need for greater commitment and capacity for nutrition by Anne Bush and Paul Rees-Thomas

URBAN REVIEW. NW has conducted a review on 'food security and nutrition among the urban poor' on behalf of Save the Children. This work was carried out by Lili Mohiddin, Laura Phelps and Tamsin Walters.  The project examines objectives of urban programming, review published literature and unpublished documentation from operational organisations as well as accessing internet-based discussion forums to inform the review.  Full Report here.

Ethiopia Coordination Training of Trainers. UNICEF. Inconjunction with IMC and InTuition consultancy group, NW is developing Training of Trainers materials as well as sub-national coordination materials. These are to be taught and rolled out in Ethiopian sub-national regions in the latter part of this year with the purpose of building the capacity of nutritionists to better coordinate emergency preparedness and response utilising the IASC Cluster Approach. This is being led by Paul Rees-Thomas.

NUTRITION AND FOOD SECURITY ASSESSMENT REVIEW: This has been commissioned by Save the Children. The review will examine existing methods for assessing nutrition and food security. This is part literary review as well as interviews with those applying various methods, such as the Household Economy Approach, (HEA). This is a global review with a regional focus (West Africa) of operational application. This is lead by Bradley Woodruff.

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