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What we do

  • Provide a centre of excellence on public nutrition policies and programmes.
  • Work on:
    - technical guidance and research
    - programme review and evaluation
    - policy and strategy development
    - capacity development
    - planning and facilitation of technical meetings.
  • Advocate for evidenced policies and programmes.

Where we work

We work in countries during and after emergencies and in countries with a large burden of malnutrition. We have experience of working in all regions of the world. We will consider opportunities to work on nutrition problems associated with overweight and obesity in countries with a double burden of malnutrition.

How we work

  • Considering the various dimensions of malnutrition, both under- and over- nutrition, chronic and acute malnutrition, and inter-sectoral linkages.
  • Developing long-term relationships with our stakeholders and provide continued support.
  • Learning from what we find and disseminate findings.
  • Working where the need is greatest.
  • Building capacity as we work.
  • Collaborating.

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