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Lili Mohiddin

Lili Mohiddin has been working in the international food Security and livelihoods sector for over 12 years, in the ‘field’ and at the headquarters level for a number of agencies including Oxfam and ACF. She has extensive experience of all sectors of the project cycle as well as programme strategy and is able to provide ‘big picture’ strategic level analysis, whilst maintaining a field perspective.

Her areas of specialism include programme planning, evaluation and training. However she has a particular interest in urban and cash based programming and the impact of humanitarian programming on markets. She was closely involved with the development of the Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis (EMMA) tool and has delivered numerous EMMA trainings globally

Lili has extensive experience of working in Central America, South and Central Asia and has experience of sub-Saharan and Southern Africa and Eastern Europe. She is a native English speaker and she is able to work in Spanish.

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