2017/Global/European Commission


NutritionWorks authored an evidence-based planning resource providing an overview of evidence on nutrition interventions delivered through the health sector, highlighting the importance of strengthening the delivery and effectiveness of selected cost-effective interventions with the greatest impact on nutrition and health outcomes. It emphasizes the importance of strengthening national health systems at various levels, so as to sustainably and effectively deliver integrated services. This resource aims to:

  • Inform and facilitate the work of EU Delegations involved in the development and management of health and nutrition programmes.
  • Contribute to optimizing the integration and expansion of evidence-based nutrition interventions within health sector programmes, and efficient use of the resources available for health and nutrition.
  • Contribute to strengthening national health systems and thereby the achievement of key country and global health and nutrition targets, including Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2, 3, 6 and 17.