2020-2021/Global/TASC Consortium

The TASC consortium, funded by the United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), is led by DAI with NutritionWorks and Development Initiatives as partners. It is a follow-on from MQSUN/MQSUN+ and follows the same model consisting of two components: Component 1 provides technical assistance to Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) member countries and the SUN Movement Secretariat while Component 2 provides technical assistance to FCDO country offices and FCDO Headquarters. Two briefs summarise the work under Component 1 and Component 2.
To inform future approaches to technical assistance, one of the assignments under TASC examines the effectiveness of technical assistance provided under Component 1 of MQSUN+. TASC is also committed to improving use of the MQSUN+ toolkit.

NutritionWorks led an assignment to review 13 national nutrition plans using the Scaling Up Nutrition Good Plans Checklist.  The report can be found here.