2020-2021/Global/TASC Consortium

The TASC consortium, funded by the United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), is led by DAI with NutritionWorks and Development Initiatives as partners. It is a follow-on from MQSUN/MQSUN+ and follows the same model consisting of two components: Component 1 provides technical assistance to Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) member countries and the SUN Movement Secretariat while Component 2 provides technical assistance to FCDO country offices and FCDO Headquarters.
To inform future approaches to technical assistance, one of the assignments under TASC examines the effectiveness of technical assistance provided under Component 1 of MQSUN+. TASC is also committed to improving use of the MQSUN+ toolkit.

NutritionWorks led an assignment to review 13 national nutrition plans using the Scaling Up Nutrition Good Plans Checklist.  The report can be found here.