Anne-Marie has twenty years’ experience in nutrition and development and has worked extensively in Asia and Africa for NGOs, International Organisations and Academia. She works on research, evaluation, design, documentation and capacity building related to nutrition and agriculture programmes and policies.

Her recent consultancies focus on the interface between agriculture and nutrition and she is passionate about sustainable solutions for both. She has strong research and evaluation skills and has carried out special research projects linking nutrition to agriculture and livelihoods. She uses both quantitative and qualitative research methods and co-developed a new method for surveying nomadic pastoralists.

Recent work includes a case study of the Nutrition impact of the Himalayan Permaculture Centre’s work in Nepal, an evaluation of the FAO’s ‘Strategic Objective 1’ (contribute to the elimination of hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition), nutrition analysis of a large agriculture programme in Ethiopia, Nutrition-Sensitive Conservation Agriculture in Zambia, operational factors in Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture programming in Zimbabwe, a policy analysis in Malawi on nutrition policy and an analysis of caring practices amongst nomadic pastoralists in Ethiopia.

Anne-Marie has worked as a nutrition advisor for both Save the Children and Concern Worldwide. She has undertaken academic research at the Universities of London, Bristol, Leeds and Cornell on projects related to Nutrition. She teaches topics related to Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition on ad hoc courses and in academia.

Anne-Marie has a Master’s degree in Nutrition from the University of London and a PhD in International Nutrition with Soil Science and Epidemiology from Cornell University, USA.