With a Ph.D. in food science and nutrition, Bjorn Ljungqvist early focused on East Africa and on Ethiopia and Tanzania in particular.  His commitment to community-based nutrition and participatory development got on to a very successful start in the Joint WHO/UNICEF program in Iringa region during the 1980s which also enabled him to contribute to the formulation of the now universally adopted ‘UNICEF conceptual framework’ (1984).  He then went on to become the UNICEF Country Representative in Uganda, Cambodia, Tanzania and Ethiopia and also served as the deputy Regional Director for East Asia and the Pacific while all the time keeping nutrition and human rights-based approaches to programming in the forefront.  After reaching retirement age, Bjorn accepted to take leadership for the joint UN agency nutrition collaborating mechanism, REACH, where he greatly expanded the number of country engagements and the operational approach and played an active role in defining and rolling out the global SUN movement.

During the most recent years, Bjorn has incessantly continued to carry out short-term consultancies related to nutrition policy, programming and evaluations and actively engaged in over 20 different (SUN) countries.  He has become particularly concerned about situations in ‘fragile’ states and the imperative to ‘linking relief and rehabilitation to development’ (LRRD) in policy, programming and in nutrition communication.