Delphin Diasolua Ngudi

Delphin has more than 25 years of national and international experience working in nutrition and food security programmes, as a nutritionist with the National Nutrition Institute, the UN agencies, MQSUN & MQSUN+, ESTHER, NutritionWorks, TASC and various other international nutrition partners.

Delphin’s experience covers contextual analysis, policy and strategic review and drafting, concept note development, training, protocol and guidelines development, assessment, operational and academic research, reporting, programming, and monitoring & evaluation. demonstrated ability to communicate, interact, and collaborate effectively with leaders, colleagues, and communities, both orally and in writing; Ability and willingness to work with people of diverse cultures, background and economic status.

For the past 15 years, Delphin has worked as an international consultant in more than 10 African countries providing a range of technical support to governments, NGO (national or international), donor, civil societies including: nutrition and food security landscape analysis; development of nutrition policies and strategic plans; development of guidelines, curricula and training modules; nutrition-specific programming; integration of nutrition into social protection and in national strategic plans to fight HIV and TB as well as into country proposals and concept notes; planning and implementing nutritional assessments; training and capacity-building; data analyses and consolidating recommendations; reviewing National Nutrition Strategies and development of Multi-sectoral Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks and conducting nutrition evaluations.

As a university researcher, Delphin has significant experience in co-editing network newsletters, reviewing scientific articles for peer-reviewed international journals as well as mentoring and coaching students, publishing scientific research papers and delivering presentations.