Silvia Kaufmann

Dr. Silvia Kaufmann gained her PhD and Master´s degree in Nutritional Science from the Justus Liebig University of Gießen in Germany.  She also holds a Bachelor degree equivalent in Pedagogy for Vocational Training and Adult Education, as well as complementary studies in Applied Informatics and Computer Science, from the same institution.

Silvia has more than 25 years experience working in the field of food and nutrition security in the humanitarian and development contexts, mainly in South East and South Asia.  In particular, she has considerable long-term experience in countries such as Afghanistan, Lao PDR and Pakistan and has held senior advisory positions with the World Bank, UNICEF and FAO.  Prior to that she worked with WFP and GIZ as food and nutrition advisor.

During her assignments, Silvia has supported and led the development and evaluation of food and nutrition-related sectoral and multi-sectoral policies, strategies, programmes and action plans. She worked in both multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder environments, and had been responsible for coordinating, providing advice and developing capacities for planning, financing and implementing food and nutrition-related actions.  In this regard, she has applied her expertise and knowledge across many key sectors including health, agriculture, livestock, fisheries, rural development, forestry, water and sanitation, education and social protection, among both government and partner institutions.

Dr. Kaufmann believes that robust planning and management capacities among public sector institutions are the key to enabling commitments and to end hunger and malnutrition.