Susana has over 15 years of experience in the fields of nutrition in emergencies, food security & resilience programming and Human Rights. Her geographical expertise has been in Central/South America, The Caribbean and South East Asia, along with international agencies and U.N system.

She started her public career in the Unicef Regional Office for LAC in 2004 and joined later the Nutrition Institute for Central America and Panama -INCAP- for the monitoring of several food security and nutrition programs in the region. In the last years she has succeeded in organisations such as Oxfam Great Britain and Action Against Hunger, providing global assistance to UN agencies, governments and NGOs for the development of humanitarian programs, the design of national plans and strategies, the analysis of programs, as well as leading formal and informal capacity building initiatives on her areas of expertise.

She is a certified practitioner in humanitarian affairs, has a master’s degree in Food Security, a fellowship in infant feeding and paediatric nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. Her qualifications and updates include topics such as IASC Nutrition Cluster Coordination, the HEA approach to Food Security Assessments, the Outcome Mapping approach for planning & evaluation and the verification of facts, documentation and monitoring on Human Rights.

Susana is a global awarded Human Rights defender in the field of Right to Food and an associate member of international technical resource group(s), including NutritionWorks. Susana is currently the lead adviser for Caritas Internationalis humanitarian response in Venezuela.

NutritionWorks is honoured and proud that our Associate Susana Raffalli has been named as one of the BBC 100 women of 2020. Congratulations to Susana for her incredible contribution to humanitarian relief.