NutritionWorks provides a centre of excellence on public nutrition policies and programmes.  We provide expertise in the following four areas fundamental to addressing malnutrition around the world:

Technical Guidance and promotion of best practice

– our work includes protocol reviews and updates, policy briefs, development of guidelines, tools and training packages and peer reviews.

Capacity development of governments and other partners at all stages of the nutrition system

– we support capacity strengthening of health and agriculture staff working at the community level, provide strategic guidance at national level and engage in organisational capacity strengthening for donors, NGOs and UN agencies.

Policy and strategy development

– examples of our work include supporting the development of national policies and plans.

Assessments, monitoring, evaluations, and reviews

– examples of our work include contextual analysis, needs assessments, surveys and surveillance, development of monitoring frameworks, programme and policy evaluation, mid-term reviews.

The principles underlying our work include:

  • Consideration of the various forms of malnutrition.
  • Consideration of the multiple drivers of malnutrition and promotion of appropriate cross-sectoral strategies to address them.
  • Prioritisation of work in response to areas of greatest need, in both emergency and non-emergency settings.
  • Working in partnership.
  • Ensuring continuity and coherence in all our work, fostering long-term engagement with governments and other partners beyond the period of our initial commission.
  • Ensuring continuous improvement in our knowledge and practice through learning and evidence
  • Advocating for evidenced policies and programmes.
  • Engagement in collaborative lesson learning and public dissemination of findings from our work.
  • Developing capacity as we work.