Over the past 16 years Phil McKinney has gained a wide experience with a number of NGOs and UN agencies (UNICEF, WFP and FAO).  Originating from Belfast, Ireland, his main working language is English.  Phil McKinney’s holds a MSc (Med Sci) Public Health Nutrition and his primary expertise is in food and nutrition security information systems and assessments.  This expertise extends to the development of technical guidance and indicators, evaluating, appraising, and design of national level nutrition and food security surveillance systems as well as global normative guidance, food and nutrition security assessments (national and subnational), as well as appraisal of nutritional programming and using surveillance data for policy papers.  He is also skilled in the use and development of various tools for use in measuring nutritional status and dietary assessment, as well as food security and market price analysis tools.

The majority of this work has been done in cooperation with national government with the view to provide sustainable solutions and in building capacity.  Phil McKinney work has covered a wide geographical scope, that encompasses a multitude of contexts and technical requirements.  This ranges from the predominately slow onset shocks of the Horn and Southern Africa as well as Central Asia, the mass population movements seen in the MENA region, to sudden onset disasters experienced in South East Asia, and areas of conflict/post-conflict in Central and West Africa.

He also provides additional perspectives with his work as a photographer.