NutritionWorks finalised coordinating the second version of the Harmonised Training Package. The HTP is a state of the art training package on nutrition in emergencies containing 21 modules. NutritionWorks coordinated and developed Version 1 of the Harmonised Training Package (HTP) on Nutrition in Emergencies under an IASC Nutrition Cluster contract between 2007 and 2009. The project involved extensive consultation and stakeholder analysis to inform the development of 21 modules for a globally relevant technical package of information. Version 2 of the HTP was developed in 2010-2011 in collaboration with the Emergency Nutrition Network under a USAID/OFDA grant.

The modules cover a multitude of subjects within nutrition in emergencies from assessments, interventions, to education as well as evaluation and operational links with other sectors such as health and food security. The modules are targeted at those training managers and practitioners within the sector.